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The next generation of upcycling

From concept to completion, we offer a range of services tailored to the unique needs of multi-family construction projects. 


We are dedicated to transforming communities by creating modern, efficient, and attractive living spaces that foster a sense of belonging, enrich the lives of residents, and generate lasting value for property owners.

Our goal is to bring unique and minimalistic design to the multi-family living experience using shipping containers and other upcycled material.



At Next Generation Construction, we specialize in crafting exceptional multi-family living spaces that exceed expectations.  With a passion for innovation and sustainable living, our experienced team is dedicated to providing top-notch remodeling, upgrades, design, and cutting-edge shipping container multi-family development services. 

Multi-Family Upgrades

Boost your property's value and attract new tenants with our extensive range of upgrades, from exterior decks to interior paint.

Shipping Container Solutions

Embrace the future of sustainable housing with our cutting-edge shipping container multi-family development services, offering eco-friendly, affordable, and stylish solutions for modern living.

Design and Drafting

Collaborate with our skilled designers to develop customized, innovative, and functional living spaces that truly make a statement.

Ben Kalny, Axiom Property Equities

"Next Generation Construction has managed construction needs for our entire community of apartment homes for over 15 years.  Troy and his team are willing to take on any idea I have, no matter how complicated and see it through beautifully.  He works with high integrity and dedication.  I will continue to use Next Generation in excecuting my next generation of ideas."

Annie Presley, McCellar Development LLC

"My dream of many years is finally coming true! The groovy new shipping container office space will serve as our headquarters and our local proof of concept.  Together we will design and build new, safe, and small houses in greater Kansas City for an underserved population.  The adventure is underway!"
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